Franchesca Ramsey's Video on Whitesplaining is Hilarious and Accurate

Franchesca Ramsey's latest episode of MTV News Decoded deals with the frustrating act of whitesplaining. Have you ever had an experience where a white person tries to explain the "black experience" to you? Well that's whitesplaining and Franchesca and friends portray it hilariously yet accurately in "White People Whitesplain Whitesplaining."

The video starts with Franchesca chatting with a friend about an occasion when a stranger touched  Franchesca's hair. Her white friend recalls heroically stepping in on Franchesca's behalf to tell the stranger what she did was wrong. Franchesca tries to explain that what her friend did was whitesplaining, but before she could explain, another white person pops up and does it for her as the cycle of whitesplaining continues.

Watch the video below.


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