Amandla Stenberg Discusses Her Role as An Advocate for Black Girls with Melissa Harris-Perry

Actress, writer, and musician Amandla Sternberg, who was named to TIME's most influential teens list, recently appeared on the Melissa Harris-Perry show to discuss social media activism and her new comic book series "Niobe: She is Life."

Amandla talked about her initial attraction to the character Niobe, a Black girl elf, explaining that she's a "huge nerd and fan of fantasy." Amanda who is the co-author of the series hopes to provide more representation for young Black through Niobe. "When I was growing up, I always wanted more Black female superheroes and Black female super role models and so I hopefully can kind of provide that for younger black girls through Niobe," she explained.

Amandla also spoke about her brilliant social media activism calling social media a "powerful tool for social activism" and for "people who feel like they don't have enough representation."

Watch below.


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