Shonda Rhimes Admits That She's Killed Off Characters Because She Didn't Like the Actor

Shonda Rhimes is known for killing off a character or two in her television series. (Scandal’s Harrison Wright and James Novak; Grey's Mark Sloan, Denny Duquette, and Derek Shepherd; HTGAWM’s Sam Keating - just to name a few.)

Rhimes recently appeared on "The Nightly Show" and admitted to Larry Wilmore that she has killed off characters because she didn't like the actor.
“Have you ever killed off a character because you didn’t like the actor? And extra bonus points, who was it? Don’t even think about lying,” Wilmore asked.

“Yes, and I’m not naming names,” answered Rhimes.

Which character do you think it could be?

Watch below.
Watch the full episode here.


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