Serena Discuss Her Superhero Moment and Dishes on Interests Outside of Tennis

Serena Williams recently made a Facebook post that went viral. The tennis superstar chased down a man who stole her phone and reminded all women that they too can be superheroes.

On Wednesday, at a panel discussion for Fast Company's Innovation Festival Serena told her story once more.

“I just jumped up and I ran,” she said, “and when I got there I thought, ‘Oh, what am I doing, this could be it!'” But the thief, professing confusion, handed the phone back from under his sleeve. The next day, she said, her father called and said, ‘Serena, if you need a phone, I’ll buy you three or four phones! Just please don’t do that again.'”

Serena also dished on her interests outside of tennis. During her downtime she takes pre-med classes to learn more about nutrition, holistic medicine, and healing naturally.

She also let it be known that tennis is still her first love. “I think it’s really important to know what you’re good at — and I know what I’m good at,” she said. “For me right now … I love being on the court, I love winning titles. So as much as these opportunities come up, and so many things come up, but is it going to interfere with my being the best in the world? If the answer is even close to yes, then I have to say no. I have the rest of my life to figure these things out.”

Watch below.


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