Why Choose Womanism over Black Feminism?: A Dialogue

For Harriet is excited to announce a new series of video discussions in which we'll take some of our most popular pieces and discuss the ideas with the women who wrote them.

For our first discussion, Editor-in-chief, Kimberly, talks to Jaimee Swift about her piece, "Why I Don't F*** With Feminism, Even If It's Intersectional," which was widely shared and discussed on ForHarriet.com.

Kimberly begins the conversation by asking Jaimee why titles matter. "Self definition really matters in this context because for so long, historically and contemporary, we have relied on white rhetoric and white language to define our movements, our places in movements, and ourselves," Jaimee explained leading into the discussion about why she chooses not identify as a feminist and the consequences of that choices.

Hear more womanism, black feminism, and why Jaimee wrote the piece below.


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