Beyoncé Sparks Cultural Appropriation Debate with Appearance in Coldplay's New Video

Coldplay released the video for their Beyoncé collaboration Hymn for the Weekend, and stills from the video immediately drew criticism.

The film, shot in Mumbai, India, features the band members, including front man Chris Martin, celebrating a Holi festival with Indian children.

In the video, Beyoncé appears in head coverings, henna, and what looks to be traditional Indian garb. Questions have arisen about the appropriateness of her attire.

Whether of not Black Americans have the power to be cultural appropriators is an important discussion with no easy answers.

Coldplay, however, is the primary offender. The group has in the past used another Black woman to represent the "exotic." Rihanna stars in their video Princess of China dressed, strangely, in Japanese attire.

In this discussion, we must defer to those who identify with the cultures. Twitter user @VelveteenDream has some thoughts on the matter. Be sure to check them out.

Update: The video's director, Ben Mor, is Indian. An interview with him about the video was published here.

Watch the video below.


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