Black Beauty is the Standard in a New Documentary that Celebrates Black Women

Every society, culture and ethnic group worships their beautiful people. As well all know, in the mainstream west, beautiful is often believed to be white, eurocentric and thin. In the age old narrative of black women seeking to see their own beauty in magazines, film and on television screens, Coal Crown Creative has taken matters into their own hands. "Classically Beautiful “The Discussion”" hosted by Jasmine Mans (genius poet-scholar behind Footnotes For Kanye) explores the themes of black beauty, black womanhood and motherhood through the lenses of melanated queens. Screenwriter Amma Asante also graces the film with her interpretation of classic beauty.

When asked why Quest (visionary behind "Classically Beautiful") created the documentary, he had this to say, “After hearing about a New York Times journalist, who referred to Viola Davis as less ‘Classically Beautiful’ than Kerry Washington, I felt it in my spirit to do something, to say something. I thought to myself, ‘here is another attempt to divide and conquer’, it saddened and angered me. My feelings towards this issue were very natural, I grew up the only boy. I have two sisters. My younger sister is of a darker complexion than my oldest sister. Sharing the black woman's perspective, to me, means having representation of the many aesthetics that black women represent.”

Touché Quest. And representation is exactly what you’ll get in this thought provoking yet amusing piece because, every black woman has her own story and personality. If you’re looking to be enlightened & lit, check it out below!

Sofia Maame (Mah-May) is a Publicist + Editorial Assistant. Follow her-@sofia_maame


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