No One Has Ever Been Happier to Dance With Rihanna Than Drake

I took the Rihanna and Drake break up pretty hard. Not since Britney and Justin wore those matching denim outfits to the American Music Awards in 2001, have I been so convinced that two global superstars were so right together. Two of the most influential artists of the day sharing pillow talk is just too good to be true.

It seems like Drake was pretty sure of it too. From listening to the couple of songs he released after they rekindled their situationship (?) in 2014, Drake was sprung. Meanwhile, Rihanna hasn't acknowledged the pairing publicly. That's why she'll always be queen.

What she has done is given us another number one song, two videos, and more opportunity to speculate on the hold she has on Aubrey.

The two premiered "Work" at the Brits yesterday with "Consideration" as an intro. Vocally it was a solid effort from Rihanna who has reportedly been battling bronchitis. But the highlight of those 4 minutes was the AubRih action.

In matching white, Rihanna backed it up into a proper whine on Drake, and the joy of the moment was palpable.

Look at the gifs! Drake is clearly just happy he has the chance to breathe the same air as Queen Rih, and we don't blame him


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