Beyoncé Approved: Chloe and Halle Wrote and Produced Their First Single "Drop"

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Before Chloe and Halle were Beyoncé-approved, they were wowing us with their stellar vocals on their YouTube channel. They often infused their own jazzy, alternative r&b sensibilities into the covers, and close listeners could tell there was something deeper there. (See their gorgeous rendition of "Down in the DM")

Now we're finally getting a taste of Chloe, 17, and Halle's, 15, original music. The two just debuted their first single, "Drop."

Instead of opting for the kind of light pop or r&b music one might expect of teenagers, "Drop" is dark and serious. The lyrics paired with the visuals offer a gorgeous glimpse into the creativity of the duo. Chloe and Halle wrote and produced the record themselves, which is an incredible accomplishment.

"'DROP' is very special to us because it was one of the first songs we fully wrote and produced ourselves," they told The FADER. "It gave us the courage to trust our instincts. To see how it was made from our living room, to turning into something much bigger, is super exciting! We’re so happy that we got to do our first video in such a huge way, and we have Beyoncé to thank for that. We love her so much.”


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