Prince in Rare 1998 Interview with Mel B: "I'll Celebrate the Day I Die"

The world is mourning the death of pop/funk superstar, Prince, who died yesterday in his Paisley Park residence at age 57. But in a rare 1998 interview with Mel B - aka Scary Spice, of Spice Girls fame - Prince suggested that for him, this would be a time of celebration.

When asked about his distaste for birthdays he responds: “We came here not knowing we were going to die, somebody told us that. If we never knew we were going to die we wouldn't celebrate a birthday.” He said instead, “I'll celebrate the day I die.”

Prince, who was known for avoiding interviews and maintaining his privacy, described this session as “the best interview I ever had.” He and Mel B seemed more like old friends as she asked the musical genius about his then upcoming tour, his musical inspirations, the future of the internet and music industry.

We see a wise yet playful side of Prince as he imparts wisdom about sex, spirituality, and confidence in his deep, majestic voice while the two share laughs and compliments. They even venture out to a playground outside of the mansion together.

We should take a note from the iconic singer and honor his legacy with a celebration of his music. Check out the interview below.

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