Meditation Can Change Your Life. Here's How to Get Started

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Many of us lead hyperconnected lives overloaded with information. It can be difficult to find a moment for yourself and clear your mind, so finding pathways to cope and manage anxieties is essential.

YouTuber and lifestyle guru Francheska Medina aka Hey Fran Hey shared her journey into meditation and the practices that work for her.

"Meditation allows you to stay in the now," she says in the video.

Meditation is personal and Meedina urges newcomers to ignore the rules and explore all the options. "There is no wrong way to meditate," she says. "Your connection with God and the solely your connection."

While many emphasize clearing all thoughts for a successful meditation ceremony.  She utilizes an "observation deck approach" wherein she takes time to sit with her thoughts and release them. 

Finally, Medina suggests mantra beads or the Headspace app to facilitate focused breathing.


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