Watch This Poet Tell the Truth About Feeling Shame Even When it Hurts Her

Honey Sanaa is a spoken word artist, educator and activist from New Orleans, by way of Mississippi. She’s a member of the national championship slam team, Slam New Orleans, and holds the title of Last Chance Slam Champion.

She dedicates her writing to telling the stories of her ancestors and the women she encounters and loves. She is persistent in telling the stories of her own life, and constantly learning to be unapologetic in their telling.

In this piece, Honey tells the painful truth of a person who struggles with body issues and an eating disorder. She showcases a vulnerability that Black women don’t always allow themselves to feel by delving into various scenarios and microagressions that trigger her feelings of self-loathing.

Watch Honey Sanaa let her guard down in this performance as she shares her fears and failures in a way that moves her audience to share this pain with her.


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