"Take Your Ni***r Ass Back to Africa": Teenage Girl Records Couple's Racist Attack

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When a white couple in Texas began spewing racial slurs at a Chester's Hamburgers restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, their teenage target began broadcasting the incident on Facebook Live.

Emarald Robinson, 19, says while she and her family were eating at the local chain after church, a woman became upset with her 15-year-old sister and told her, "Excuse the fuck outta me you nigger monkey."

Robinson then pulled out her smartphone to confront the couple and began with, "So, Facebook, this is what racist people look like."

Immediately the incident escalates as the Robinson's mother defends her daughters. "Don't be disrespectful," she yells.

A white man stands up from the table and quickly shows his colors. "Fuck you, goddamn niggers." His girlfriend chimes in, "You're a nigger."

The woman goes on, "Take your nigger ass back to Africa, hoe." She's feeling particularly bold and yells, "My ancestors owned your ass, bitch."

After about three minutes of confrontation, Robinson deescalates the situation with "Mom, that's enough."

As the situation appears to be cooling down, the white woman charges toward the camera and says "I'm going to get you monkeys in line bitch."

Her mother responds, "Come over here, you're gonna get the ass whoopin of a lifetime."

Two days after the incident, offered more detail about the incident. She said that the couple had racist tattoos, though she does not describe them.

The police were called, and the couple was allowed to stay and finish their meal. Robinson says the restaurant's management did not intervene and they have offered no apology.

When asked about her motivations for recording the incident, she said she simply wanted to raise awareness. "We were really looking to spread the word that this was happening in San Antonio."

Emarald took to Facebook live to explain her side of the incident.


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