Transgender Woman, Brandi Bledsoe, Killed in Cleveland

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32-year-old Brandi Bledsoe was found dead last week in Cleveland, Ohio, according to

She was found in her underwear with bags over her head and hands in a suspected homicide, though the medical examiner has not offered an official cause of death. Police spokesperson Jennifer Ciaccia confirmed Bledsoe had head trauma.

Ms. Bledsoe's body was discovered by a 5-year-old who was riding his bike on Saturday.

No suspects have been confirmed; consequently, police have not determined a motive for the killing.

Ms. Bledsoe came out as transgender two years ago, according to her cousin John Craggett.

"She wasn't very outgoing before she told us," Craggett said. "She just wasn't happy with who she was. When she told us, she was honestly a lot better as Brandi. She was happy."

Craggett says he cannot imagine why someone would kill his cousin.

"She was really beautiful," he said. "She was really sweet and nice. That's what bugs the crap out of me about this. Whoever did this can rot in hell."

Ms. Bledsoe lived with her grandfather Johnnie Ledbetter until recently.

"We got a long great when she lived with me," Ledbetter said. "I wish she was around more after she moved out."


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