Billboard Touting Daniel Hotlzclaw's Innocence Sparks Outrage in Oklahoma City

A community is outraged by a billboard questioning the guilt of convicted rapist Daniel Holtzclaw. Commissioned by CRTV, a new conservative tv network, the billboard is just minutes from where most of Holtzclaw's assaults took place in  Northeast Oklahoma City.

Daniel Holtzclaw is a 263 year prison sentence following his conviction for raping and sexually assaulting eight women.

"He was a convicted rapist. He's not an accused rapist. He's convicted serial rapist, so I think it will bring up a lot of emotions," Grace Franklin told FOX 25.

The billboard is advertising a documentary looking into Holtzclaw's innocence, and was placed there by CRTV. It shows a picture of Holtzclaw and says "What if he didn't do it?"

"Our concern is for the survivors and their families having to rehash this, having a media outlet give validity to the conspiracy theories, which didn't work in trial and they're not going to work on an appeal," Franklin said.

Brian Bates, an investigator for Holtzclaw's defense team, says he has no issue with the billboard.

"If the billboard said Daniel Holtzclaw is innocent, Daniel Holtzclaw's accusers are liars I think people would have a right to be a little outraged," Bates said.

"Thousands of people have been convicted of crimes and later exonerated, and Daniel may be one of these people. That's yet to be seen," he said.

Holtzclaw plans to appeal the jury verdict issued in January.

Bates claims there is DNA evidence that was found after the trial, and that evidence is being used in Holtzclaw's appeal.

"Male DNA was also found in the exact same spot. It was not Daniels DNA and that was never presented to the jury for consideration," Bates said.


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