Don't Be Scared of Beautiful, Be You

Asha Hadiyah aka Sassy Soul Rebel is a DC Native who moved to NY not too long ago to pursue her dreams of becoming an up and coming R&B artist. She has a soulful, sultry voice that could melt anyone's soul. Keep a look out.

In this video she share's her journey to loving herself and embracing her authentic self.

Here's what she had to say:

Hey everybody! This is Asha Noni Hadiyah, and I just wanted to make a quick video talking about being your authentic, true, unique, beautiful self and not being afraid to be different--to be weird and to go left. I remember when I first came to New York I had no inhibitions when it came to my style. I came to New York and I used to wear these white dots on the side of my face and bindis in the middle of my forehead because I was so inspired by Indian culture. My roommate at Drexel University was Indian and she really got me into the beauty of North Indian accessories and Bindi accessories. And the reason why I started to wear the white dots on the side of my face is because when I was 17 I came to New York to see the musical Fela! and I was really inspired by his dancers who he referred to as his queens. Their makeup was so beautiful, and they wore white dots on the side of their faces. So when I wore white dots on the side of my face, I felt like a queen and that's why I started doing that.

And as time progressed and I started to be around more acquaintances and upcoming artists and especially upcoming women and female artists I started to feel like I wasn't fitting in. The one who were considered sexy are the ones who wore snap backs, tight leggings and the timberland boots. They wore tomboy/urban chic, and I think that's really cute but that's not me and I noticed that I started to try and become more trendy like that and follow that trend because I felt like I would be considered sexier and people would follow me because of that.

I now believe that's incorrect. If you are going to be weird as an artist, do that. If you're going to be different you need to remain your unique, authentic self. Be you. That's what's going to make you great and separate you from everyone else. Don't feel like as a woman you have to look like all of the other women around you who are considered sexy or to feel sexy. It won't feel right. It won't feel true.

What opened my eyes to that is the other day I went Craig Gary who is an amazing vocal coach. I went to discuss some songwriting and a project that I'm working on, and I really appreciate it because he opened my eyes to the fact that I really tried to clean up my look. Because for some reason my mindset changed. I felt like I had to blend in to feel sexier--to look more like Ciara. I felt like I had to look like that and give off that type of vibe to be considered sexy. That is just not me, and I know that people could tell that and I appreciate him for noticing that.

When I came to class I had on some black leather leggings, an over-sized jacket, big gold hoop earring and I couldn't believe myself. I really tried to plan out my look because I felt like me wearing these Bindis was just becoming too weird. That is so crazy because that is what's garnered interest in me. That's how I got that song role in that independent film that I was in. That is what's garnered interest in me since being in New York--me having my own, unique, authentic style. This isn't according to me. This is what other people have told me. It's just Asha.

I just want to let you all know that if you're a young lady who feels like she cannot fit in, look at Solange. Her music is amazing. She's different. She's not wearing snap backs and belly shirts. That's cute, but it's not her. You can be sexy being your unique self. Don't be afraid to be different. if you're going to be different own it and make it as beautiful as you can. That is what's going to make people fall in love with you.


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