Celebrate #BlackOutDay By Watching this Awesome Little Girl Affirming Her Self-Worth

Today, Black folks from all backgrounds and across multiple identities are affirming their beauty and self-worth by posting selfies under the hashtag #BlackOutDay. The movement, which began on Tumblr and has since moved to Twitter and Facebook, has been a huge success.

A video has also been circulating of an adorable, self-assured little girl recounting how she properly clapped back at a boy from her school who called her ugly.

What does she tell him?
I didn't come here to make fashion statements… I came here to learn, not look pretty!
When asked what happened next, the little girl tells the camera how the boy told her she looked bad. Again, her ability to both articulately affirm her Black Excellence and clap back with finesse was displayed when she replied:
Did YOU look in the mirror lately?! Bye-bye, see you later!
Yes, girl, yes! You tell him.

Watch the video below! 


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