Mother Pleads for Help for Son Jailed Indefinitely with No Court Date and No Evidence

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Elizabeth Crudup is asking for help to obtain the release of her son Shannon Nyamodi. Shannon has been in jail since August 2012 and has yet to receive a trial date.

Police say 18 year old Shannon Nyamodi was the trigger man who shot a Franklin township North Carolina woman in the face late August in 2012, but the victim swore to cops that the youth wasn’t her assailant. In what police have described as a murder for hire scheme in which the victim’s own 15 year old daughter allegedly paid the Nyamodi youth with pills, sex, and cash has turned into perhaps one of the greatest human rights struggles in modern time. Documents obtained from the investigation paint a troubling and disturbing culture of corruption within this small southern town’s sheriff department.

The Sheriff whose agency is conducting the investigation into this violent crime (Jerry W. Jones) is believed to be a relative of two individuals that several witnesses within the community have stated were the actual perpetrators of this horrible crime. The victim Rhonda Maclean, 43 told cops that night that Shannon Nyamodi wasn’t the person who shot her in the face. Reports from the Youngstown police department supports her claims, and convey that the shooter had already fled the scene, while the Nyamodi youth was still there after coming to the wounded woman’s aid when she fled her home with her assailant and her own daughter searching her bedroom to steal a bank bag containing $65,000.00 dollars.'

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