Aisha Tyler Explains Why She Chose Having a Career Over Having a Baby

Comedian/Actress Aisha Tyler revealed last year on her daytime talk show "The Talk" that she discovered her infertility while she and her husband of 22 years were considering having a child. Tyler chose not to undergo IVF treatments and has yet to make a final decision about adoption, but she told HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd that she's comfortable with her husband and her career. For Tyler, she felt it was necessary to reassure women that there's nothing wrong with choosing not to put everything on hold in pursuit of a baby.

She explains:

It was important to me for two reasons, three actually. The first one was that I have been a professional woman for my entire life and I think this is a relatively new issue for women who have chosen work over family, which is a completely valid choice and no one should ever feel embarrassed or regretful about that. It’s a valid choice. Men never have to make that choice. It’s one that I’ve also embraced fully. I never wanted kids. I loved what I did. I was really passionate about it. And then my husband and I got to a place where we were like ‘Well we’re going to run out of road soon. If we’re going to do it, we should try it now.’ And we started to get into it and when we found out that it was going to be difficult to impossible, it really was a choice to stop. I feel like I wanted families [and] couples to know that it was a valid choice not to get on this crazy merry-go-rounds of IVF and [spend] tens and tens of thousands of dollars.

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