Jessica Williams Tackles Detroit's Water Cut-Off on "The Daily Show"

Jessica Williams is inarguably one of the best parts about The Daily Show. And on Monday night's episode, she made us love her even more during her segment on Detroit's water cut-off to low-income residents.

In the segment, she hilariously and sharply illustrates how ridiculous it is that city officials and policymakers are not willing to work with residents who cannot pay their water bills. Despite the fact that access to safe, clean water is a human right, the city of Detroit has decided to cut off access to residents are behind on payments—rather than work with them on coming up with an affordable income-based payment plan.

This is just one of the many ways our society criminalizes poverty—especially people of color who live in poverty. Instead of treating people with the dignity and compassion they deserve, those with more privilege vilify poor people, like Detroit has done with its water. This is evidenced by newspaper editor Nolan Finley's statement that people feel "entitled" to having free water, which is far from the truth. 

Williams gives a spot-on retort when Finley admits that he has not heard anyone say they want free water: "So, by framing it by saying people just want free water, which no one has actually said, are you somewhat misleading this argument right now?"

Watch the clip below:


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