Watch Crissle West Flawlessly Shut Down a Clueless White Man on Racism & Blackface

If you've spent any time being Black, you've probably had someone who knows nothing about your lived experience try to "educate" you on blackness. They'll pretend to be well-meaning while talking down to you about your history and culture.

Many times we have to swallow the anger that results from these exchanges, but when we do get to let it out? Oh, it's on.

During an event for WNYC, Crissle West, a host of popular podcast "The Read," clearly articulated her thoughts on why comedian Sarah Sliverman's skits where she appears in blackface are offensive.

This wasn't enough for a man in the audience named Allen who said he's a discrimination lawyer. The man contested Crissle's interpretation of Silverman's humor arguing that she took it "at face value." He went on to say that "those of us who know the history behind blackface" can see the nuance.

Crissle wasn't having it. She handed him his behind in two completely satisfying minutes.

Crissle from The Read got this man together! Video Credit: The Greene Space
Posted by For Harriet on Thursday, May 28, 2015

The entire panel was an insightful discussion on the line between humor and offensiveness. Watch below.


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