BlackandSexyTV's Web Series "Becoming Nia" is a Must See

There’s something different about BlackandSexytv’s web series “Becoming Nia.”

Could it be her hair, her son, the realness of her body and her concerns? Could it be how easy she is to understand?

Nia’s character is refreshing and the cinematography of the series is what really pulls the audience in. Camera angles, perspective, and alone time with Nia inspires an intimacy and empathy with her character. She makes you want to sit with her and have a glass of wine, allowing her to have some much needed "Nia" social time.

Other compelling factors of Nia is her relationship with her son, the way she chooses (and often has to) pinch pennies for him, and the reality of her life that many of us have witnessed when concerning our own parents.

There hasn’t been a series like this that focuses on the humanity and complexity of Black women—especially single mothers. There is no man dressed as a caricature of a woman, she isn’t triflin’, she hesitates to try on too tight jeans (and does it anyway), talks about her thighs,  gives her son her last ten dollars for a school trip, and she doesn’t take out her frustrations on her family.

The moments that only she and the audience can see makes "Becoming Nia" a fave and the web series is only two episodes in.

Check out the web series below and let us know how you like it.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

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