OWN Network to Broadcast "Light Girls" Documentary

Bill Dukes has done it again.

Dukes’ features another documentary, and this time concerning how colorism affects lighter skinned black women.

Duke’s “Dark Girls” sparked much needed dialogue, testimony, empathy, and acknowledgement. It must only be expected that “Light Girls” was created not to contrast, but to continue the conversation of colorism that plagues Black communities.

The fact that white supremacy has traumatized and scarred our communities is not our fault, and the affects of this trauma--colorism to be exact, cannot be denied. It is no secret that the casting system of skin color has always worked to the benefit of white supremacy in an effort to keep POC’s isolated and cruel to one another.

However, while we cannot dismantle the system on our own, willing to heal and be healed is up to us. We must be so tired of the damage that colorism, internalized racism, and anti-blackness has caused that we must insist on conversing about these difficult topics and seeking resolutions that will better our communities.

Check out the trailer for Bill Duke's "Light Girls" below 

Randie Henderson is a Gates Millennium Scholar and recent college grad. She is driven to write, read, learn, and educate about ways to dismantle oppression in America and globally because she is passionate about people and justice. You can find her on randiejourney.tumblr.com


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