Lifetime Set To Premiere Original Film "With This Ring" With All-Star Cast

While some of us may be tired of the “I want to be a wife not a bridesmaid” film, some of us also can’t deny that we love a good sappy, already-know-how-this-ends, movie night with our girlfriends.

Therefore, I'll take one for the team and tune in on January 24th for the Lifetime premiere of “With This Ring.” Plus, who, if anyone, can pass up the opportunity to see Regina Hall, Eve, Jill Scott, and Gabrielle Union all in one movie together?

Movies featuring our black cast favorites are always a pleasure, especially since directors and casting agents world-wide seem hell-bent on denying us the representation we crave.

Thus, despite my love to hate relationship with Lifetime, I'll be right there for our women.

Randie Henderson is a Gates Millennium Scholar and recent college grad. She is driven to write, read, learn, and educate about ways to dismantle oppression in America and globally because she is passionate about people and justice. You can find her on


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