Mary Mary on Staying Happy in Relationships: "Hoes Got it Wrong

Gospel singing duo Erica and Tina Campbell, better known as Mary Mary, have been making media rounds in support of the 4th season of their hit show on WEtv. They stopped by Hip Hop Nation on Sirius to discuss what they've learned in their marriages.

Tina endured a public revelation about her husband's infidelity. Now that her relationship is on the mend, she's offering some insight on what it takes to keep a long-term partnership healthy.

She learned she had to make her husband a priority. "I wasn't paying no attention to my husband," she said. "My husband was last on my list. When I gave him me, I gave him all of me. But I gave it last and when I could get to him."

Erica says she keeps things hot to keep the fire burning. "You not only make a sexual connection. You make a heart connection and a mental connection. I know him. He knows me."

She went on:
You think they want this freak on a pole. They want validation. They want love and acceptance. They want to know that their secrets are safe with you and that they can be vulnerable." "This is going to sound bad, but that's where hoes get it wrong...he don't believe in you. He don't trust you. You're not smart. You don't make him better. You don't pray for him. You don't cover him. You can't raise smart children. You just a weave and a big butt?

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