Watch Michelle Obama Boldly Declare Black Girls Rock

This is why we love our First Lady.  Michelle Obama stopped by Black Girls Rock hosted in Newark, NJ to affirm to value and worth of the women and girls in the audience.

A clip of the First Lady's address has emerged.

I am so excited to be here at Black Girls Rock! To all the young women here tonight and all across the country, let me say those words again. Black girls rock! We rock!

No matter where you come from, you are beautiful. You are powerful. You are funny. Let me tell you I am so proud of you. My husband, your president, is so proud of you. And we have such big hopes and dreams for every single one of you. I know that's not always the message you get from the world. I know there are voices that tell you have to look a certain way—act a certain way. That if you speak up you're too loud. If you step up to lead, you're being bossy.
Watch below.


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