Birth Control Caused This 26-Year-Old Woman to Have A Stroke

No matter how young you are, it is important to know the signs of stroke if you take oral contraceptives. 26-year-old, Jordan Ward, suffered from headaches, blurred vision, vomiting and nausea and refused to see a doctor before her fiancé forced her to go to the emergency room.

Doctors dismissed her symptoms as migraines and sent her home. The next day a CAT scan revealed that Ward had suffered a type of stroke, where a large clot blocked a network of veins in her brain.

Dr. George Teitelbaum, the medical director of the Providence Neurovascular Center, told ABC 7 that birth control containing hormones can raise the risk for dangerous blood clots, especially if a woman smokes. "The brain swelling can become severe enough that somebody can be thrown into a coma. They can even die," he said. Thankfully, Teitelbaum and his team removed the clot during an endovascular procedure allowing Jordan to leave the hospital eight days later without any neurological effects. To avoid the risk of stroke Teitelbaum recommends avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol.

Watch her story below.


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