Marilyn Mosby Launches "Aim to B'More" Program for Baltimore Youth Offenders

by Naadeyah Haseeb

Yesterday, Marilyn Mosby announced the launch of a new program, Aim to B'More, intended to reduce Baltimore's recidivism and unemployment rates among young criminal offenders. Mosby said during a press conference that the program was part of her campaign promise to "holistically reform the criminal justice system." 

Aim to B'More allows eligible participants—non-violent first-time felony drug offenders specifically—to have their records expunged after completion. It is modeled after a successful national program model that has proven to reduce recidivism rates and save taxpayer dollars.

"I promised the voters that I would run a transparent, engaged and innovative office. I've seen this program work, and I've talked with Attorney General Harris and her team about how to make it a success. I'm excited that we've been able to get this program off the ground so quickly. Aim to B'more will change lives," Mosby said.

Successful completion of the program includes performing community service tailored to a participant's employment goals, completion of a GED, associate's degree or similar educational program, and a job skills program aimed at obtaining internships and eventual full-time employment. Probation in the Aim to B'More program lasts three years and, upon obtaining full-time employment, is unsupervised.

In addition to focusing on rehabilitation for these young offenders in Baltimore, Mosby has also made it a goal of her tenure as State Attorney to combat serial rapists and sex offenders in the city, pledging justice for victims. She has recently testified on behalf of legislation to support sexual assault victims and was able to secure a conviction on a notorious serial sex offender who had managed to elude conviction in four previous trials prior to her being named Baltimore State Attorney.    

Watch the video of her Aim to B'more press conference hereand her testimony in the Maryland State Senate on behalf of SB 933 legislation to stop serial rapists and protect victims.

Photo: Baltimore Sun 

Naadeyah Haseeb is an editorial assistant at For Harriet.


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