The LAPD is Targeting Black Lives Matter Activists for Arrest and Prosecution

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Nana Gyamfi, an attorney and professor at California State Universiy, appeared on Democracy Now to discuss the targeting of Black Lives Matter activists by the Los Angeles Police Department. Gyamfi asserts that LAPD officers are combing social media to find activists and pinpointing them for arrest and prosecution. "All of these different types of surveillance we expect to be used in an antiterrorist way were being used against Black Lives Matter movement folks," she told host Amy Goodman.

During protests that took place in November 2014, LAPD arrested 330 people but chose to prosecute only 20. The trials of six of these protestors recently ended in a hung jury.

Gymafi believes that filing charges on these individuals is politically motivated.  "Folks who engaged in nonviolent, peaceful protest found themselves... being tried as criminals."


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