Separated Sisters Reunite at Track Meet After 17 Years Apart

Robin Jeter and Jordan Dickerson shared many similarities. They performed well at their high school, they were athletic, and both had double jointed thumbs. It wasn't until they met at a track meet that they found out they shared an even bigger commonality. They were sisters.

Robin spent her childhood in foster care, crediting her brother as all the family she'd known. Jordan was adopted as an only child. Jordan's mother made sure to be honest about her adoption and even mentioned the possibility of other family, but the exact details and information were unclear. Although both lived merely miles apart in Washington, DC, they would finally meet after 17 years of separation.

The touching reunion took place at a high school track meet. One of Jordan's teammates cheered as he saw a girl run on the indoor track. "Go, Jordan! Go, Jordan," he exclaimed, but Jordan was seated on the bleachers above him. He was actually cheering on Robin as she dashed across the finish line. Both were confused until a mutual friend introduced the pair.

At first awkward and timid, Robin and Jordan now spend as much time together as possible. They have 17 years of lost time to make up for, but thanks to an unlikely meeting they'll have even more years together and the chance to connect with other siblings.

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