Poet Alyesha Wise Professes The Love We All Feel for Prince

by Deonna Anderson

In "A Story of My Love Affair With Prince,” poet Alyesha Wise professed her love with the artist formerly known as Prince, or as she called him in this piece Prince Roger Nelson. “Dearly beloved,” she says. “We are gathered here today as a figment of my hopeful imagination.” Wise speaks about how her love for Prince started when she was 13 and continues on today.

“On my short list of ‘things I would not do for Prince’: perm my hair,” she adds. “But he has unpermed his. Did you go natural for me, baby?”

Wise originally performed the piece at philaMOCA in Philadelphia for the TV show, Articulate on WHYY. Witness her speak more about her imagined love affair with Prince in the video below.

Photo: YouTube

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