Meet the First Black Woman to Own a Billion-Dollar Business

Janice Bryant Howroyd is the first African American woman to own a billion dollar business. She launched her company, Act1, in 1978 to help others find employment.

The highly successful business women sat down with TODAY correspondent Jenna Bush Hager to share her success story. She also offered tips to help other entrepreneurs become and remain successful.

The four principles she shared are:
1. Make sure you're prepared.

2. Understand what the goal is.

3. Understand that all of those around, particularly family, are part of that success.

4. Always find a moment of gratitude and be grateful along the journey.

According to TODAY, her business is the largest woman minority-owned employment agency in the country.

"I never imagined this, I always imagined success though. You see the evolution in technology, you see the transparency that the world offers, but the fundamental things that we built the business from have stayed the same, and I really think that's more the secret to the success," she told Hager.

View her interview below.


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