Necole Bitchie Keeps it Real About the Struggles She's Had While Transforming Her Brand

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Necole Bitchie was once one of the biggest names in celebrity blogging. She gave up the niche she conquered last year in order to pursue a path that would bring her more contentment, but the road to transforming Necole Bitchie into xoNecole, a positive lifestyle site, hasn't been an easy one.

In a revealing video, Necole shares the trials she's faced as an entrepreneur in the year since her new project's launch. She recalls running out of money ("like three times") and calling her aunt when she thought she might need a place to stay.

The video, however, isn't just about the difficulties and ends on a positive note. She's now being guided by the words "create like no one knows your name." That entails stripping down her efforts and reconfiguring what works for the site.

Anyone whose started a business knows that there are ups and downs in entrepreneurship. Necole's transparency while weathering those storms is inspiring.

Ultimately, Necole encourages viewers to "press the reset button as many times as you like." She's doing it, and we're excited to see her grow.


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