Mural of Sandra Bland Defaced with "All Lives Matter"

Artists Kalkidan Assefa and Allan Andre painted a tribute mural in Ottawa, Canada to honor Sandra Bland, a recent victim of police brutality.

In early July, members of Ottawa groups BlakCollectiv and Black Lives Matter Ottawa painted the words "Black Lives Matter" on a large section of a legal graffiti wall. The original mural was defaced within hours.

"My understanding is there was a certain sense of [territory] with this wall,. The longtime artists and writers that come here felt that maybe people should have asked them for permission or asked to collaborate in order to get the message out rather than take the space up." Assefa told Ottawa Morning on Tuesday.

In response to the defacement of this wall, Assefa and Andre decided to create a tribute for Sandra Bland.

"I really wanted it to be a celebration of her life and her spirit," Andre said.

Yet again, the mural was defaced. This time, the words "All Lives Matter" were painted in white over Bland's name.

Later, a group of Black, Indigenous and white allies came together to fix the mural.

Watch the report via CBC News below.



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