Travel Noire Teaches Black Travelers How To Integrate Travel Into Their Lives

Travel Noire founder and CEO Zim Ugochukwu sat down with CBS News to discuss Travel Noire, a "digital publishing platform that creates tools and resources for the unconventional traveler."

Ugochukwu told CBS that she created this platform to form a community of Black travelers who love exploring the world. "I just didn't see anybody who looked like me. I had traveled to almost every country in Asia and we were still in a minority. And so I wondered why that was, I wondered why brands weren't spending money in this very influential market," she said.

Unlike travel sites like Priceline or Orbitz, Travel Noire is a community. "They sell tickets. They're a means to an end. So if you have the funds, then you purchase your ticket. What Travel Noire is offering is the difference between one vacation and seven vacations a year. We're teaching people about how to permanently integrate travel into their own lives," Ugochukwu said.

The website provides articles and videos giving tips on how to save and travel alone. It also offers a
subscription service called Travel Noire District which allows users to connect with other travelers and get instant access to the best travel deals.

Travel Noire also uses social media to reach it's audience. Users posts photos using #TravelNoire to connect and inspire others to travel.

Take a look at Travel Noire TV below.


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