Activists are Fighting Against This Detroit Woman's Eviction

Lela Whitfield inherited her late mother's reverse mortgage in 2010. She faces eviction from her home, but activists are fighting to keep her there.

Detroit activists refuse to let Whitfield's home be foreclosed. Activists from Detroit Eviction Defense say they will create a human curtain of protection by crowding in front of Whitfield’s home as soon as they hear that a bailiff has been sent to remove Whitfield from the house. The activists risk being arrested for trespassing on bank-owned property.

Neighbors have created murals covered in slogans like “Justice, Not Eviction,” “Foreclosure-Free Zone,” “Black Homes Matter,” and “Black Women Matter,” near Whitfield's home. 

“My mother’s house has a lot of memories for me. I’m really nostalgic about it,” Whitfield told Detroit Free Press last week.

“This whole thing has been stressful, very stressful — high blood pressure, depression, anxiety to the max,” she said. “I look around this neighborhood and see all the empty houses, houses that have been stripped. And I think, ‘Why not sell me this house?’ I don’t want that happening to my mother’s house.”

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Watch Lela Whitfield's story below.


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