The Oldest Veteran in the U.S. Dies One Month After Meeting President Obama

Emma Didlake, 110, was the oldest know veteran in the United States of America. She died on Sunday, one month after meeting President Obama.

Didlake joined the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps in 1943 when she was 38. She earned multiple medals for her service.

Marilyn Horne, Didlake's granddaughter, said the supercentenarian was growing tired and showed signs of failing over the weekend.

"It was a month ago today that we went to the White House," said Horne. "I think she felt she had accomplished everything and could take her rest."
President Obama released a statement about her passing saying, "I was humbled and grateful to welcome Emma to the White House last month," he said, "and Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to Emma’s family, friends, and everyone she inspired over her long and quintessentially American life."

View Emma Didlake visit to the White House below.

Photo: Getty Images


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