Napa Valley Wine Train May Face $5 Million Lawsuit By Women Forced Off of Train

Members of the Sistahs of the Reading Edge Book Club who were kicked off the Napa Valley Wine Train plan to seek up to $5 million for the “malicious oppression” they suffered, their lawyer said.

“There must be compensation for the humiliation suffered” their lawyer Waukeen McCoy told the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Wine Train apologized to the book club members and offered a 50-seat private car to the club for a future trip.

“That’s not going to get this resolved at all,” McCoy said. “This was clearly racial discrimination.”

"We're standing our ground on this issue. I really don't feel that it was a true apology because basically I feel that they're just being directed by their PR person," book club member Lisa Johnson said in a statement to CBS.

Kevin Keane, a spokesman for the Wine Train, did not comment on the potential lawsuit and said  that train officials had not yet been contacted.

“We have sincerely apologized to the group, and our offer to accommodate them on the Wine Train in the future remains,” Keane said.
Watch below.

Photo: Associated Press


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