Police Violently Arrest Students in Florida After Dispute Over Computer Lab

In late July, Deidra Reid and Reginald Lane Jr. went to The Retreat an Orlando apartment complex to hang out with friends but left in handcuffs.

On July 20, Deidra Reid, 21, and Reginald Lane Jr., 20 were arrested at The Retreat apartment complex on Colonial Drive in Orlando. A 15-second video shows off-duty officer Brett Parnell forcing Reid to the ground. She screams out in agony while the officer is on top of her.

The encounter started when a young boy whose father is a Orange County, Fla., deputy sheriff complained that Reid yelled at him. When the officer arrived to the computer lab where Reid was sitting, he asked her if she was a resident and told her to leave when she responded no.

According to the arrest affidavit, the deputy called for backup because Reid took a fighting stance and closed her fist as if she were going to fight.

"This is someone who used his badge to bully Deidra," said Natalie Jackson, Reid's lawyer told the Orlando Sentinel. "It's fine for him to be concerned about his son, but you don't get to use your badge and the power of the law to bully a citizen."

Reid was charged with trespassing after warning and resisting an officer with violence. Lane was charged with resisting an officer without violence. Neither had prior criminal records, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Reid's shoulder was dislocated in the process and she was later taken to a local hospital after complaining of shoulder pain.

"At this time, any claims of excessive force have been via third party (social media feeds, edited video)... As is customary in our agency, this arrest and use of defensive tactics/force will be reviewed by the deputies supervisory chain," Orange County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Lourdes Clayton said in a statement. While Central Florida Future reports that OCSO Sheriff Jerry L. Demings said Parnell “did what he was hired to do.”

Warning, this video contains police violence.


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