Philando Castile's Mother on Her Son's Killing: "We're Being Hunted Everyday"

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Valerie Castile appeared on CNN to discuss the police killing of her son, Philando, that was captured on Facebook Live by his girlfriend in Falcon Heights, Minnesota.

Castile was poised and thoughtful as she discussed the extrajudicial killing of Black citizens by police officers.

"I am outraged," Castile told CNN's Alisyn Camerota.

"Our African American men, women and children are being executed by the police, and there are no consequences," she explained. "Every day you hear about people being shot down, gunned down by the people who are supposed to protect us. My son is a law abiding citizen and he did nothing wrong."

Castile says that she always told her son to comply with police officers and cannot imagine he would've done anything else during the traffic stop that ended with Philando Castile shot to death.
Philando Castile had a concealed carry permit, and Castile says her son expressed fear about police violence just hours before he was killed.  According to Castile he said, "I don't even want to carry my gun because I'm afraid that they'll shoot me first and ask questions later."

The world found out about the shooting through a livestreamed video on Facebook from Diamond Reynolds. Soon after the events, Ms. Castile says she was kept from Reynolds and still has not been in touch with her.  "We can't locate her."

Castile last saw Reynolds in the back of a St. Anthony Police Department squad car, but were not allowed to get near her.

During the interview, Castile detailed the way she learned of her son's death. Her daughter saw the video on Facebook, and they figured out the couple's location from the signs in the background.

Despite the horror, Castile is grateful to Reynolds. "I appreciate Diamond streaming that video live because we never would know exactly what happened had she not put that out there like that."

Castile has still not seen her son.

"I have not identified my son's body because they didn't let me," she said.

But the fight has just begun for Castile who says she wants justice. "I want my leaders to step up and hold these people accountable.

"We're being hunted everyday. There's a silent war against African American People"


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