Seventh Grader Struck During a Drive-By Shooting Speaks Out on Violence in Her Community

Thirteen-year-old Taije Chambliss was the victim of a drive-by shooting in Washington, DC on Sunday. 
Taije was one of two people struck by bullets during a drive-by shooting. The other victim, an adult male who may have been the shooters’ intended target also survived with minor injuries.

“I would say guns are getting pretty serious, and like for you to be that angry to come out with a gun and shoot somebody or try to shoot somebody and hit innocent people, it’s sad. It’s very sad,” Taije Chambliss told WUSA9. “And I want the gun violence to end.”

“I’m deeply affected by the crime in our nation’s capital,” Lakisha Chambliss, Taije's mother said. “You know it’s just, it’s horrible to see these young people, older people, little children being hurt.”

Taije was released from the hospital but still has a bullet lodged in one leg. 

Watch below. 


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