Francesca Ramsey Answers "Is Nicki Minaj a Good Role Model?" on MTV's Decoded

In the latest installment of MTV News Decoded, Francesca Ramsey tackles the question "Is Nicki Minaj a Good Role Model?" Nicki recently landed a TV deal with ABC family, leaving some questioning if the rapper is an ideal representation of Black womanhood.

Francesca explained how Nicki's body image, attitude, and song lyrics are being criticized as she ventures into the realm of Television. Some critics have even said that Nicki makes all Black women look bad. Francesca admits that while Nicki is not perfect, there is a huge double standard of how Black women are policed by the media. She hits the nail on the head when she explains, "Nicki Minaj represents Nicki Minaj" and we cannot judge her show until it airs.

Take a look below.


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