Nicki Minaj Releases an Emotional Short Film Based on Her New Album

What’s not to love about Nicki Minaj’s 16 minute short film featuring some of the songs from ‘The Pinkprint’ album?

Nicki's short film is broken up into three parts: ‘The Crying Game,’ ‘I Lied,’ and ‘Grand Piano’ and is laced with visual imagery of Nicki’s talent, vulnerability, and honesty concerning self and relationships. The three songs that she chose to highlight tugs at our hearts as it reflects the experiences a lot of women have and continue to endure.

Ultimately, Nicki’s acting and emotions manage to bring the beauty of her lyricism to life through the scenes of the film. The couple arguing in Part I, Boris Kodjoe’s cameo in Part II, and the scenery in Part III keeps her audience drawn in until the credits begin to roll. Nicki has made us proud and we are so happy that she has decided to show so much of herself. Dazed, we see the multifaceted woman she is: hard and soft, strong and confused, aware and in denial, and always strong.

What do you think about Nicki’s film?

Photo: YouTube

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