Melanie Fiona Takes on Serious Issues in Her New Video for "I Tried"

In a powerful and emotional music video for "I Tried," Melanie Fiona addresses several social justice issues including police brutality, domestic violence, mass shootings,  rape, racial and gender inequality, and human trafficking.

“It is important for me to channel the ideas and concepts I am passionate about into my music and my art… As an artist with a social platform, I feel it is my responsibility to do so,” Melanie told Complex. “The video for ‘I Tried’ is a tribute to the fight in which we all witness and experience both internally and externally in the world daily. The conversation of important issues should not end when we turn the TV off. I hope this visual sparks emotion, thought, dialogue, reflection, and ultimately, positive change.”

The song is set to appear on Melanie Fiona’s third album, "Awake" due in early 2016.

Watch below.


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