"Polyglot" Webseries Tells the Stories of Black Creatives in Germany

Rwandan-German filmmaker, Amelia Umuhire tells the stories of young creatives of color living in Germany in the fictional web series "Polyglot."

The series features Amelia's sister Amanda Umuhire (aka Babiche Papaya) who is a rapper, poet, and actress. The sisters themselves are polyglots, fluent in German, English, French, and Kinyarwanda - Rwanda's principal language. 

Umuhire tells NPR Berlin, "There is this one image of Germany, like you have white people speaking German, if you look at the TV landscape for example. Black people only appear as nurses, or cooks. You don't get to know people, this big part of Germany and Berlin, because they are kind of marginalized in media."

Watch the latest episode below.


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