This Story Reminds Us That Black and Latina are Not Mutually Exclusive

#DefineBLACK, is a video series sharing personal stories to build the movement for racial justice, Angeley Crawford discusses her experiences as an Afro-Latina living in different parts of Brooklyn, NY.

Angeley gives an account of moving from a Caribbean neighborhood to a Puerto Rican neighborhood. She tells a story of being in a hair salon with women who didn't realize she could speak Spanish. The woman bash her for the color of her skin and the texture of her hair. Although Angeley could understand, it was impossible for her younger self to stand up to all of the women in the salon.

Angeley's story is a reminder that Black and Latina are not mutually exclusive and the belief that they are dismisses the Afro-Latina identity.

Watch her story below.

The belief that Black and Latino are mutually exclusive is a harsh, hurtful blanket assumption that blatantly dismisses...
Posted by Define: BLACK. on Monday, November 9, 2015


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