Pat Houston Speaks Out for the First Time Since Bobbi Kristina's Death

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pat Houston opens up Bobbi Kristina Brown's death for the first time.

Brown's aunt sat down with Kevin Frazier to discuss Brown's hospitalization and how the family is dealing with the death of Bobbi Kristina and her mother Whitney Houston. In the interview Pat Houston admits that she was working on getting Bobbi Kristina help before she was found unconscious in a bathtub.

"When we really found out that Krissy was in trouble, we were really making plans to do something about it," says Houston, "but it came too late."

The loss of Bobbi Kristina is extremely difficult for the family as they are still dealing with the loss of her mother, Whitney Houston. Pat Houston opened up about a 2013 visit to the the hotel room where Whitney died.

"When we went into the room it was just so peaceful and calm and the room was lit -- it was like it was candle lit. It was just very, very calming," Houston says. "I went into the bathroom and I placed the flowers at the tub and I just sat there and just was thinking, 'What happened? How did we get here?'"

Watch the interview below.


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