Another Sneak Peek Convinces Us Whitney's Biopic May be a Good One

Maybe the trick to a great Lifetime Biopic is to have Angela Bassett at the forefront of it. By the sneak peeks that we've been allowed to see, it seems that the great actress has kept her word, and this movie will be a good one.

 Yaya DaCosta wows as Whitney while in the studio singing Houston's "I'm Your Baby Tonight." The vocal's aren't hers but it sure does look like it. Yaya has definitely spent time learning Whitney Houston's mannerisms.

Let's also not forget the wonderful Deborah Cox and her amazing voice. It appears that Cox has done a great service to the memory of Whitney and her music by being the voice over that Yaya sings with.

Ultimately, we keep getting more and more reason to look forward to the January 17th premier.

Watch the preview

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