This Poet Has a Message For Politicians Who Try to "Fall into Your Vagina Feet First"

Poet Theresa Davis has a few words for politicians who try to dictate what women do with their vagina and who try to halt the reproductive rights of women in America.

"What to do when a politician tries to fall into your vagina, feet first?" Theresa asks in the opening of her poem.

Throughput the poem Theresa calls out politicians who blatantly ignore women's rights issues and solely focus on anti-abortion tactics. "My body is not yours to pump, lobby, or legislate...and the last time I checked there was no ATM in my vagina," she says.

Her final line hits the nail on the head: "You cannot dick-tate who lives in my womb, or who is evicted... I just need you to know that when you try to get all up in here, uninvited? I'll be shutting that shit down."

Watch below.


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