We're All Going to be "Killing 'Em With the Shoulders" This Summer

 photo shoulders.jpg
You can't outdo Black people. Give us anything and we'll make it look like the most fun you've ever had.

This short video of a family getting it to a completely made up dance they call "kill 'em with the shoulders" proves it once again.

Debbie Allen's son Norman Nixon Jr. posted the video of the family affair on twitter. You'll see her daughter, Vivian, killing 'em, and Miss Debbie comes through strong at the end.

Everything about this is perfection. From the joyful Black folks to the luxury yacht setting, it's a sight to behold. Listen for the traditional hype man outbursts of  "ooh kill 'em" and "get sexy," and try your best to resist the urge to call up your cousins and put them shoulders to work.


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